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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 16, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. we expect update any moment on a shooting this evening. off duty police officer shot someone during a traffic stop this evening just outside 0written today. this happened near the wilder road off ramp from eastbound highway 24. 68 7 hd shows you more
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than a dozen police car. tonight the chp, contra costa county sheriff's office, and others are focusing on the white car without plates. evidence teams combing through it. we are told at least 6 vehicle including 3 chp car connected to the crime scene. now all sorts of thing on the ground. black bag on the ground next to open trunk and tool box near the left front tire. about an hour before the shooting just 2 miles away the oakland side of the tunnel motorcycle crashed and caught fire. it was thought to possibly related somehow to the shooting scene. but there is no confirmation on that at the moment. 3 eastbound lanes of highway 24 for time on the west side of the tunnel. shooting on the east side of the tunnel keep in mind. no word yet on the condition of the motorcyclist. chp says the east bond wilder road off ramp likely closed until at least 10:30 so about hour and a half from now. amber alert has been activated in the bay area for parental abduction out of elko,
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nevada. children are 9-year-old ramirez and 3-year-old row sal east. suspect are the 3-year-old father martin and amber. the mother of both children. the children were in state custody. couple may driving a dark blue ford mustang with nebraska plates or perhaps temporary plate. police believe they may heading to mexico which could bring them through the bay are area. >> abc 7 news has learned that the chp has completed the investigation in that deadly limo fire on the san m te'o bridge. conclusion no criminal negligence on the part of the driver or the owner of the lim limo. 7 news reporter vick lae with story you see only on 7 news. >> stretched limousine burst that flames on the san m te'o bridge on the night of may fourth. fire killed 5 women. fore others survived by crawling out of a narrow opening to the driver compartment.
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>> this cell phone video shows the fire started in the rear of the limo. witness say the back of the lincoln town car was extremely low to the ground. traveling across the bridge. sources with knowledge of the probe told us that the air springs called balloon in the rear of the limo somehow deflated. setting off a domino effect that led to the fire. this man manage as garage that services limousine. he explained what most likely happened. when the balloons failed. >> these are air spring not air shock air spring they carry the weight of the car. so now when there is one of them has rupture on it the whole car drops down to basically almost on the tire sought car with the weight bounce down too hard and ended up hitting the gas tank which is right in the spot her here. might have hit the gas tank and then you see when it hit the ground it will create a spark. >> the spark likely ignited the
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fire. once the chp discovered what caused the fire the agency began its investigation to see if anyone was criminally neglect. they focused on the driver brown and owner of the limousine company. source tell us at the end of july the chp decided there was no evidence to press criminal charges against the 2 men. then suddenly brown estranged wife hernandez brown said publicly that the 2 argued on the cell phone shortly before the fire as he was driving. >> i'm sure he could have saved them. you know. about he was on the phone. >> brown charged that her husband was playing music too loudly. and not paying attention. when the media interview surfaced investigators renewed the probe of brown to see if he was too distracted to react quickly to the emergency. sources tell abc 7 news the chp reviewed his cell phone records and determined that he had not been
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on the phone with his wife during the fire. that there was no other evidence to charge criminally. >> now the chp conclusion is that the tragic fire was a result of mechanical failure. they are expected to announce the findings next week. now the state p uc tells us it's waiting for the report before it considers imposing a 7500 dollar fine on the limo owner. that the p uc permit for that town car allowed only 8 people that night it was carrying 9. this is 7 news. >> sky 7 hd was over a rescue this afternoon along the san mateo county coast line. 19-year-old man suffered serious injuries after falling from a cliff on to the beach below. had he apparently been climb with friends. helicopter flu the man to stanford medical center. hurt pretty badly but ups he's expected to survive. >> in marin county today the man accused of murdering 4 women decades ago gave the closing argument in his own trial. joseph is representing himself. cornell was in court
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today and show what is happened. >> he needs an attorney. glad he doesn't have one. >> larry believes his sister was murdered by joseph. he was in the courtroom when the accused serial killer began his own closing arguments. we were not allowed to record audio but he started by complimenting the jury saying remind me of wedding reception. something old. something borrowed and something blue. at times the 79-year-old rambled and repeated himself saying the case against him is weak. he was charged with murder of 4 women decades ago including 18-year-old rocks an whose body found in fairfax in 1977. dna evidence link him to the crime but he says i may have had sex with her but i didn't kill her. he then told the jury evidence is like the weather. it's always changing. >> it's up to the jury to
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decide are these the amusing of misunderstood old photographer or is this a scheme and depraved serial killer. >> he was trying to koyrpt the testimony of 70 witnesses and so-called rape journal seized as evidence. >> man is done for. just training to confuse the jury writ now. buying time. he's just pissing people off. >> larry wants justice for his sister. >> he needs to go to prison treated lake he did the girls. >> closing arguments will 10 on monday. in san rafael, abc 7 news. >> late this afternoon superior court judge dealt major blow to california high speed rail project. the judge ruled that california high speed rail authority failed to comply with the financial and environmental requirements that voters were promised proposition 1 a. judge declined to medley stop funding for the project and hold another hearing to determine what happens next.
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>> latest numbers suggest california job growth is slowing down. state officials say the unemployment rate was up slightly in july to the 8.7 8.7%. of all california added more than 38,000 jobs last month. here in the bay area we lost 2300 jobs. biggest cut in the south bay and the east bay exploratorium did have some gains. >> now that we note eastern span of the bay bridge will open over labor day weekend in a couple of week here's the question. what happens to the old one since it will no longer be needed. wayne with more on the bridges big pair down. >> they say we are disposing society easy come east go. but when it comes to bridges we still sent mental apparently. >> i knew it. about we are going to miss this old bridge. >>reporter: it's roughly a week and a half now until the eastern span of the bay bridge obsolete and abandoned at least
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by cars. and if you assumed demolition would be easy here comes project p.r. man gordon to warn usff >> very complicated. >> millions of parts to joan. structure 8 and 1 quarter mile long. >>reporter: back in the 1930s the entire bay bridge cost 77 million dollars to build. 7 inflationary decades later the eastern span alone will cost almost 300 million to bring down. the deconstruction if you weren't to call that it will take place in 3 different sections simultaneously by 3 different contractors working from the top rate down to the mud level at the bottom of the bay. strangely enough in the top section the first piece they take off is likely to be the last one they put on. >> studying how the original east span was built to almost take it apart in reverse order. >> much more carefully because we are more environmental. the bridge steel has lead paint. roadbed has gasoline and concrete. watch dog agency
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will be on hand to make certain that none of it falls into the bay. as to what might remain. >> yes we want to leave a little for history. >>reporter: spokesman randy showed us one possibility of park in place of approach maybe nice memorial or appear. these are artist conceptions. >> dump questions. >> new memorial be seismically sound. >> yes they will be because it has nowhere to go. >> except the history books. in oakland wayne abc 7 news. >> is ac transit offering extra bus service to east bay bart station to help people get across the bay bridge or the bay rather during the shut dow down. bart will be operating trains around the clock during the closure. and san francisco bay ferry is expanding its schedule. now if you need to drive during the shut down, down load abc exclusive ways app. traffic app we have and remember to follow us on twitter at breaking news. 7 news bay area pardon me. we'll
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keep you up to date the entire weekend now the bridge will be closed for 5 days over the holiday weekend. that closure will start late in the evening on wednesday august the 28th. the bridge will reopen by tuesday september 3rd. that's the day after labor day. again ac transit will be offering extra bus service. a number of ways to get around go to our web site for complete information on the big bay bridge shut down and reopen keep you up to date. >> more to get to tonight. radio prank gets personal. coming up next why you could say things are looking up. now for san diego embattled mayor. >> pulling out the welcome mat. san francisco resident take a stand against those large tour buses around town. sandy is here with the weather. >> yes we may see active weather here in the bay year. let you know showers thunderstorms might affect the weekend plans coming up. >> plus techie head to the movies today to see if art accurately im mates steve jobs
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>> additional 1,000 firefighters joining more than 600 state federal firefighters already battling a big blaze in idaho. 100 square mile fire has forced evacuation of 1600 homes near the mountain resort community of sun valley. arnold schwarzenegger tom hanks and bruce willis among the celebrity who have vacation homes 30. forest service ordered emergency closure for portions of the tahoe national forest. those areas are near wildfire that has now burned more than 1 square miles. the fire is burning 10 miles northeast of forest hill. heavy smoke blanketing parts of the sierra nevada foot hills sacramento valley, reno as well as lake take the hoe. >> every day thousands of tourists flock to san francisco painted ladiesal month square to take in the spectacular view of the city. it's remarkable spot. but residents there are sick and tired of the tour bus
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that flock to their area and block their driveway. ruining the picturesque set that go they live n.fv now what they are doing to try to change tha that. >> scene made famous on the big small screen back drop for debate playing out in real life sang fran. sue lived near the painted ladies for 20 years. she and heral month square neighbors presented their concerns about tour buses to mta. >> we want ban in the historic district. >> multi-million dollar victorian with the city sky line behind them are one of the city largest tourists draw. neighbors say the massive double decker double park tour bus bring traffic noise and pollution all day every day. >> 10 bus in 11 minutes. starting at 10 the:30 sunday morning. just try that out. how would you like to live in the neighborhood in which 10
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bus. a bus every minute sunday morning. >> last summer the city board of supervisor passed leingts to limit how loud tour guide sound system can be. about a dozen tour company joined together to form the san francisco tour operators association most of them don't even go throughal month square any more. this old map hop on hop off tour shows the route on hay street. new route on this route. few san francisco base tour that still go through post card row park blocks away and have the tourist walk to the square. >> we love tourism in san francisco. just not in our neighborhood. an there's a point at which it becomes isolated within the 1 after another. we love you we love you just move over. sudden will he we can't take visitors to the nabbed they want to see. >> new plan will go to the the board at later date. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> you may remember a scene
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from the wizard of oz where surrender dorothy was written. san diego radio station hired sky writers to dot same thing. spell out surrender bob over 3 areas of the city. it is a message intended for embattled mayor bob filner. more than a dozen women accused him of unwanted advance. sky writing sponsored by that local radio station. >> sending a message to be sur sure. >> sandy is in for spencer tonight. weekend upon us. kind of foggy in spoychlts absolutely. very thick too. along the coast where a little misty this morning. >> we hang on to the fog. >> all right. we add in the possibility of some showers and thunder. don't worry the weekend is covered. you will be able to get a chance to enjoy the nice weather before the unsettled conditions possibility moves in as you check out live doppler 7 hd. still clear inland but the fog sitting rate near the coast lane and it's with us as we
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head into tomorrow. some reason the graphic aren't advantages. see what is going on here. okay. there we go. a look from our exploring camera. we look towards the financial district here. transamerica pyramid and re-do have the fog there. 59 san francisco right now. it is 61 in oakland. redwood city pretty mild 71 degrees los gatos in the 60's. golden gate bridge camera see a little fuzz why iness there. we have some fog around. temperatures right now in the 60's from santa rosa napa to novato. pretty mild still in concord. 74 degrees. east bay hills camera giving you nice view we look towards san francisco. see the fog there. bouncing cramp so breezy outside. look at the forecast mild to warm for your saturday. getting hot inland on sunday. there is a thunder threat that begins sunday late night. we talk midnight. all the way in through the midweek time period. that's when we see the biggest possibility of seeing unsettled weather. system that is going to bring
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it out ahead of it. drawing up sub tropical moisture. we saw the high clouds today. see the highds again filtering the sun over the weekend. as the low gets closer to the coast line and just lingers there. it will start to pull up a little more moisture and by monday afternoon you can see showers and thunderstorms in the sierra nevada. northern california mountains. a little bit of green showing up just west of the golden gate. can't rule out the possibility of some showers here locally. or even isolated thunderstorm. best chance of thunder looks like wednesday. tomorrow morning mild again. temperatures mainly in the 60's you will notice but few upper 50's coast side and north bay fog around near the coast. for the afternoon high clouds sunshine nice mix 89 morgan hill. 87 los gatos. 83 in san jose on the peninsula. you see 81 in palo alto menlo park. mid 70's for millbrae. 65 on the coast half man bay and fog will be around well in the afternoon. 63 in daly city.
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70 downtown san francisco. north bay upper 80's. santa rosa napa 85 in san a are fell. 60's coast side. see the fog hanging back here mid 90's in clear lake. east bay temperatures right around where you should be for this time of year. even slightly higher than normal 77 in oakland. 80 degrees in fremont. inland spots baking in the summer warmth. 92 degrees in livermore. 91 in concord. 90's for fairfield. accu-weather 7 day forecast close to 100 degrees. inland by sunday. upper 60's coast side more cloud cover. cooler weather monday through wednesday and that's when if i were you i would start looking for the umbrella just in case you might be dodging some drops during that time period. maybe isolated thunderstorm or 2 dan. >> interesting. >> very iting. >> plot thicken. >> yes. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00 o'clock. >> l apple creation. >> first the movie now this. steve jobs bigger than life.
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but does that mean statue in but does that mean statue in his hone
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>> f.a. cup el of fans have their way a giant and i mean giant steve jobs statue may built in the bay area. the 2 men launch add crowd funding campaign today onnd i go go to raise money for the sculpture we are tag abt. it's estimated to cost at least 5 50,000 dollars so far campaign has raised 250 dollars. long way to go. the 2 want it to be built the same size as the statue of liberty. statue gets built it won't be the first one. 3d software company in budapest commissioned this
9:26 pm
statue in 2011. video courtesy of this. that campaign coincides with today release of the movie about steve jobs and in silicon valley interest high to see how the tech legend is portrayed on the silver screen. business technology reporter david louie spoke with some movie goers tonight. >> review mixed about the movie jobs but in silicon valley where people work at apple or new people who did during jobs life time the movie rings true. >> it's pretty honest because i have heard avenues pretty tough guy to work for and they certainly didn't hold back in that arena. some of the stuff he did, looked like a jerk. >> however not one person offered praise for ashton kuscher portrayal of steve jobs. >> i'm trying to build apple and they are taking it away from me. >> they credit the film for not trying to smooth out rough edges of visionary difficult to work with. >> very tough. he was very committed with real vision. maybe a little rougher than not even realize based on the
9:27 pm
movie. but then again i heard stories probably very real. >> movie fan whose husband went to school with jobs the film revealed something she didn't know. >> i think how tortured he was in his personal life. even more than what i have read before. that he really was tortured but he was such a visionary that that outweighed the other. >> we reached out to the real steve for his reaction how he was portrayed in the movie. he didn't respond. film doesn't try to cover jobs entire life only the part where college to the creation of the i-pod. and that caused one moveary gore to knock it. >> i think would i give ate b. i kind of wish that they hadart. >> another theater patron showed one no intention of seeing the jobs movie. >> i thought we gnaw everything about him. enough is enough. >> no compelling reason for to you see the movie. >> no. in san jose abc 7 news. >> gun battle with cop killer come up next. worst mass
9:28 pm
shooting on u.s. military base and today's testimony from the cop who was one bullet away from becoming the next victim. >> worst case scenario. advice and consent about the war in afghanistan. another half hour afghanistan. another half hour of abc 7 news
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>> some breaking news we are following update on the top story. we have just learned that the officer involved shooting was by a highway patrol officer. officer was investigating hit-and-run. he saw a car that matched the description of the suspect vehicle. this was on wilder road off 24 on the east side of the tunnel. he stop the car at some point the officer hit the driver in the torso. but again that shooting caused huge
9:32 pm
traffic back up. now over seas to egypt. >> as you cap see people running for their leaves outside 4 seasons hotel in do you want cairo as egypt spirals to near civil war. thousands of protestors clash with police today billed as day of rage. tear gas. tank in the streets. mohammad in cairo. >> crowds angry looking for a fight. >> no more army in egypt. >> fight is exactly what they got. with army helicopter overhead the brotherhood angry at the over-throw of elected president erupted in anger. >> chanting this. many daring the military to shoot. >> we are people we don't have any weapon. this is my's. i'm
9:33 pm
ready to die. >> better to die. >> yes. better to die here. >> then right in the middle of an interview the first sign of trouble. >> cut this short. >> you can hear right now gunfire coming from about 100 feet away from us. we don't know who is behind it. see the people running for their lives. >> casualty were carted away. we made a quick decision living up one team staying behind my producer and i to second location where our vehicle was surrounded by 50 armed thug. >> guns. knives t.they accuse us of being spies and then eventually they let us go. >> city game a ballots field. this gun fight outside the hotel. some jumping for lives off bridge. tank firing on man near the canal. blood shed at the critical pass annual way of the world oil. according to some reports at least 60 people were killed nationwide today.
9:34 pm
there is no end in sight to the bloody battle now ripping apart one of america most important ally in this region. >> abc news in cairo. >> incredible testimony today by a police officer who responded to the 2009 shooting rampage in fort hood, texas. this woman saw the man firing when she arrived at medical building at the military base. she says he was running toward her rapidly shooting his guchbility she saw a red laser flash across her eye and she began somewhating back. wounded in her hand and leg. fell to the ground. says he then kicked her weapon out of her hand and just as he was about to shoot her again another officer fired and she saw the man fall to the group. he's an army psychiatrist accused of massacre of 13 soldiers. all unarmed. >> bay area lawmaker tells abc 7 news that increased oversight
9:35 pm
is necessary to reign in the national security agency. "washington post"reports the nsa has broken privacy rules thousands of times each year since receiving broad new power in 2008. the based on information given to the post by former nsa analyst now wanted leaker edward snouden. representative spear says the nsa has abused the powers. >> if you need that kind of surveillance get a warrant. go to court and get a warrant. don't go to secret court that never sees the light of day and don't do it under a guise of it being necessary for foreign intelligence when it is in fact spying on u.s. citizens. >> spear does agree there is a need for some internal surveillance done legally because of what she calls homegrown terrorists. specifically referring to the boston marathon attack. >> afghan army and police are taking the lead now in combat
9:36 pm
open rigs against the taliban as u.s. troops get ready to leave. but in this case the administration is not declaring victory or even saying that the violence is under control. eric takes a look at why. >> it's america longest war. in many ways it's most frustrating. >> when the taliban were driven out of kabul and kandahar and military force were his defeated. that would have been a very good time to leaf. >> that happened more than a decade ago and we did not leav leave. he teaches at the naval post graduate school in monterey. former green beret and one of america foremost experts in fighting insurgency. nation-building in afghanistan once the major combat done was difficult bordering on the impossible. >> this isn't fixing a few road
9:37 pm
and bridges and helping set up television station. this is you are talking about lifting a society where most people don't have access to electricity. >> in iraq the generals who followed petraeus ran classic count insurgent campaign supporting the government protecting the populous and paying insurgent to lay down the arms. it allowed coalition force to cut the number of insurgent attack and stabilize the government long enough for troops to pull out. that's called continuity of leadership and not the way things worked in afghanistan. >> we had 11 over all u.s. commanders in afghanistan during 12 years of war. >> retired army lieutenant david barn 0know something about. that he commanded coalition forces in afghanistan from 2003 to 2005. >> no university and no business could survive that kind of turn over and remain
9:38 pm
suggestful. doing this in the middle of the war where enemy trying to make you fail. >> u.s. forces now taken up a support role letting afghan forces diffuse bombs and provide security in the countryside. most american combat troop to be out of the country by the end of next year. leaving behind a small counter terror force of several thousand soldiers. but the obama administration is threatening to pull them out sooner because of erratic behavior by afghan president karzai. that could lead to this worst case 60 nar no. >> possible outcome has some kind of approximateie civil war erupt in afghanistan where the neighbors are using forces whether taliban or other ethnic forces in afghanistan to fight each other. >> general says that would be very bad for the united states. best case scenario. new afghan president competent dense force and about 10,000 u.s. troops to help guard against resurge instant of al qaeda. eric thomas abc 7 news.
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>> facebook ceo cheryl sandberg has hot topic. lean in women and workbook spur talk about women can have the perfect job. perfect relationship. the perfect life. tonight abc news reporter paula harris catches up with the author of an explosive new book with radical message for all women. >> from buzz magazine article to best selling book to the hit tv show modern family. >> what that means is i actually have whole bunch of different job. >> movies like i don't know ho
9:43 pm
how. >> i love it. i do. but i can't dump my family at a moment notice any more. >> the heated conversation of what having it all really mean means. rages on. and now the president of this has a message for women. stop training to be so good at everything. >> having it all is purely tha that. it's a myth. >> no woman can have it awe. no man can have it all no. human can have it all. >> wonder women she says the expectation women place upon themselves is overwhelming. >> no longer expected to be wonderful wives an mother but also expected to be wonderful wives mothers and very successful career women and be bread winners their family and look like model until that their 70's and it's nuts. >> i can bring home the bacon ♪ ♪ fry it newspaper a pan. >> no secret women on higgs to prove themselves equal to men
9:44 pm
for decades as seen in the classic 1978 perfume commercia commercial. >> icap work to 5:00 o'clock come home and read. >> this is the editor-in-chief of self magazine. wife and mother of 2. this self-proclaimed feminist says it's important for women to own the choices they make. >> every choice you make is an opportunity but you are choosing one path not:be okay with that. you can have it all and just not all at once. >> there is one thing all women can probably agree with. life is a juggling act. >> life is going to be messy. going to be complicated. and the earlier you can learn to sort of revell in the mess iness to admit that you are not perfect that you are not going to excel across the board happier and saint you will be. >>reporter: this is abc news new york. >> you examinep to see back to the baseball game just not this kind. come up next. bat boy
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>> hope you can join thus weekend for a look at the special camp being held in livermore for children with life threatening diseases or lifeltering conditions. 7 news anchor colleague at 5:00 o'clock cheryl jennings special report on the taylor family foundation air this is weekend. so join us for just like me. sunday at 6:30 p.m. right here on abc 7. it's a really powerful program. hope you can tune in. they do beautiful work at that foundation. >> one last check on the weather. let's go to sandhya. >> weather looking good as you look at live doppler 7 hd. visibility cropped to over a mile in half moon bay with the fog around right now. so be careful in the morning tomorrow
9:49 pm
afternoon. summertime spread continues. low to mid 90's inland. similar to today. so pretty warm there. mid 60's to low 70's coast side linger in the afternoon and you will see occasional high cloud. that tips on sunday but just gets a little hotter inland. near 100 degrees there upper 60's coast side. cooler mopped through wednesday. you will also notice slight possibility of showers maybe thunder or 2. china town summer celebration in san francisco going on this weekend. a take on the indian tomorrow night. and the weather looks fantastic. thunder threat doesn't arrive until late sunday night. >> no wirs >> thanks very much. mention the a at the atlanta braves ballpark last night. different kind of bat made its way on to the field. look at this. third baseman scooped it up into the glove before it was rescued by a bat boy. he was even wearing his jersey with big bat boy written on the bac back. very appropriate. game announcer spoke what everyone was probably thinking.
9:50 pm
>> promise you somebody down in the dug out. don't bring it down here. >> the that player certainly didn't want it. bat eventually relessed and it flew off. got to be careful about that. they can have rabies sometimes no. harm no foul. >> larry is here. >> keep the bat to yourself. >> don't touch him. in sports tonight. never mind all the alex talk the. another quarterback steals the show and 49ers who is backing up now. 49ers who is backing up now.
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if. >> come up tonight at 11:00. getting ready for the big blast. party atmosphere surrounding tomorrow demolition of an east bay high-rise. and the extreme diet that is generating some big buzz. find out what that is all about. those stories and more coming up at 11 over on channel 7.
9:54 pm
sports director larry is here with big show down everyone expected. very brief. >> the pre-season clash. no. >> one series. >> no actually alex played entire first half. game build as frainers versus old feeder smithend with focus on niner fourth string quarterback daniels. might not be fourth string any more. alex and coach harbaugh in kansas city. remember when i benched you. just like last week collin played only one series this week negative 3 yard passing. wide open chat in the end zone. we know what he can do niners settle for this field goal. he was 3 for 3 and hit 2 from 55. the niner defense hasn't given up a touch down this the preseason. special team. look out. aloha! mid season. i'm ready to go brother. 104 yards. alex
9:55 pm
smith just 7 of 16. 62 yards. dropped by harold son who blocked a punt in the game. theners just over 2 minutes left. rookie bj daniels to fellow rookie jacobs and that win it. 90 yard drive. bj daniels star niners we know 1 15-13. raiders and saints. allen. used to coach under saints boss peyton. breeze 1 mississippi 2 mississippi 3 mississippi 4 mississippi. got all day to find a receiver and hit stills. 14 of 18 for 202 yards. 17 nothing saints. buck 24 on the money due to moore. raiders down at the half. then defense comes through. quarterback wallace hit hard by 7 round pick bass. robinson for the scoop and score but raiders fall in new orleans 28-20. cal football team open up the season in just two week against northwestern. have a true freshman taking the
9:56 pm
snap head coach dikes has named goff the starting quarterback today. 4 star recruit out of may run catholic high school. big guy. 6 foot 4 very consistent. he can thank his dad jerry for the strong am. major league pitcher never pressured his son. >> s when i was younger i raised me to play the fwaip. talk to him before the game he said have fun. i try to do. have if you please do my job and play football. >>reporter: a open up a weekend series with cleveland tonight. chance to gain some ground on first place texas because the rangers lost early this evening to seattle. this is how we loosen up before every newscast. i like to get limber. standing involved now. only taken about 5 months but she's in. 2 nothing a's and here's josh reddick. robbing jason there. former a of doing
9:57 pm
damage. l down the line here and cashier but hustling from first. throw up the line safe. that's the game wish. 3-2 a's half game behind texas. giants visiting south beach. and playing the marlins. 2 different things. all giants early. scored 4 runs in the first. 2 coming on this error. 3 more in the second. sandoval base hit and score. combine for 8 reb in this gown. 7 nothing. miami came back. they score 4 in the third. in the fourth hector sanchez. if adios. 3 run bomb. giants win a slug fest 14-10. thrilling finish in the opening round of little league world series. chula vista remember they ousted belmont redwood shores last week. in a scoreless game with michigan bases loaded in
9:58 pm
the seventh. archer knock home a pair chula vista take scores top not seventh and what a day for this young man on national television struck out 13 and the final out. of a 7 inning no hitter for him. wow! chula vista wins 3 nothing. fichlt start a little slow on day one but finish fast in the 13th cup here. event matches top women golf frer europe and u.s. down after the morning alternate shot action. if 2 and 1 over these 2 in the afternoon mash. michelle getting everybody this consolidate rad 0excited. chipping for birdie on 13. take it and after 2 session on day 1 vl europe leading 5-3. with two days to good this weekend. so busy night in sports. football games and baseball and a's half game bac back. some pretty good action
9:59 pm
in football on both teams tonight. >> yes the theners the offense still has yet to come together but collin is hardly played at all and everything runs completely differently when he's in. we have to see what happens when bj and whether he moves up in the back up quarterback competition because he looked very good tonight. >> did well thanks very much. >> larry already in mid season form did you hear that with the lung holding the note. that's all for now. for all of us here, thanks so much for watching. appreciate your tim time. stay connected any time you wish on twitter at 7 news bay area t.aloha. see you at bay area t.aloha. see you at 11:00 on channel 7.
10:00 pm
dennis: i think most people would agree. sweet dee: well, i don't agree. dennis: will you look at your skin? sweet dee: i am looking. what's the matter with it? - it's all blotchy. - how is it blotchy? dad, will you look at sweet dee's skin and tell me that it's not all blotchy. do i have to listen to this (bleep) all morning? come on. frank, you've got to be kidding me with these receipts. we were actually doing better before you took over.


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